Compliance is complex, Sims is simple

A simple way to capture and record incidents within the construct of your working environment. Our user friendly application integrates with Microsoft Office 365, affording you the luxury to implement a direct solution within vital EHS areas.

Software Modules

Sims is a software that specialises in offering user friendly solutions which directly address a wide range of components in an efficient operating safety application.
  • Environmental Management

    Be on the front foot when administrating environmental management aspects with our simplistic reporting system.
  • Audits & Inspections

    Have entire control over your inspections and be able to capture any information with ease.
  • Hazard Observation

    Establish a reliable experience by viewing and reporting hazards with comfort.
  • Incident Management

    Ensure the ability to record incidents with our cloud-based software and directly notify key administrators
  • Compliance & Operation

    Our software complies with
  • Mobile

    Complete safety solutions within our user friendly application.

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