To comply with EHS legislations, it is of high importance to report any hazards or incidents that occur, ensuring the working environment is safe to operate within. Our application provides a user-friendly way of reporting hazards to a higher authority as soon as they occur, so the appropriate action can be taken.

The Sims application allows you to capture and report hazards at the convenience of a tablet or mobile. We take pride in ensuring the experience of reporting and viewing hazards is made as easy as possible. Reporting a hazard through a mobile or tablet ensures that the time of contacting higher authorities to appropriate action being taken is minimised substantially. Pictures or videos taken of the hazard are then uploaded directly to a Microsoft Office 365 cloud-based server which synchronises automatically when service is received. Allowing you to work offline in vicinities that don’t contain any service.


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Simply capture an observation or near miss

Easily capture rich data including location, images and customer’s own custom categories from Effective Cloud Platform

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Modern social design

Simple card-based view enables you to search and sort cards with ease

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Synchronise all data with the Effective Cloud Platform

Works online and offline, silently synchronising in background when connection is available

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Create actions anytime, anywhere

Report and view actions derived from observation or near miss capture

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Support user engagement

Pin code access – helps support wide user engagement across organisation without login