To ensure compliance with EHS legislation, it is imperative there is a record produced for every EHS associated incident within your organisation; with it being a compulsory procedure in high-risk industries. Our incident management module ensures the capacity to track, report and most importantly record any incident/hazard that occurs in a matter of seconds.

Methods must be instated to ensure incidents are considered and prevented in the foreseeable future. Therefore, it is of high importance to respond as quickly as possible when an incident does materialise. Sims’ incident management module specialises in close calls, audits of incidents and an influx of documents for reformatory and preventive implementations based from reports conducted. Enabling you to keep track of influential factors and proactively communicate with vital authorities.

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Fully configurable

Fully user configurable, incident forms can be created and tailored by you to match your specific incident types.

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Easily track process

Add pictures, documents, actions and notes at any point of the incident tracking process.

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Detailed investigation

Detailed investigation elements to get to the root cause of an incident.

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Email notification

Instant email notification of reported incidents to key administrators.

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Module Integration

Incorporate Training, Risk & Plant records into investigation reports, streamlining reporting and saving you time.

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Download Reports

PDF & CSV copies of all Incident reports available to download and print
if required.

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Reports & KPI’s

Instant detailed Reports & KPIs to track statistics, gauge and measure for improvement.