At Sims we take pride in being affiliated within a plethora of industries. Manufacturing, construction and mining are just a mere example. Our software has the versatility to adapt to your environmental circumstances, irrespective of the industry. The information designated below gives insight and specification into some of the industries we relate to.


The construction industry is notoriously known to contain a high number of accidents which lead to injuries. Therefore, it is imperative that a company can manage potential risks and EHS adequately to ensure this is minimised. Sims is ideal for construction companies that are keen to tackle individual challenges and provide swift, ideal solutions. With our intuitive software, Sims is beneficial in providing dependable mobile efficiency.


The mining industry can be complicated and meticulous when complying with EHS legislations, as it poses many sustainability threats for companies that operate within the industry. Maintaining focus on urgent EHS responsibilities and factors within your company can be pivotal. Our software conveys a platform to ensure EHS compliance, environmental obstacles and the overall safety of your staff is safe and secure. All the components specified is what makes Sims an efficient, reliable application. Ensuring the safety and well-being of your employees is always intact.


The manufacturing industry is also commonly known to contain a higher than ordinary risk of injury. It is an industry that contains frequent challenges, often due to the adaptation and change in technological improvement. Furthermore, many manufacturing organisations must consider not only competitors technological growth but staying compliant with EHS legislations to ensure the well-being of their employees. The Sims application is smooth in managing risks, meeting EHS compliance requirements and reducing incidents within the working environment. Which can make a significant impact in boosting consumer satisfaction.

Oil & Gas

No other industry contains more rigorous requirements and compliances than the oil and gas industry. There is crucial emphasis for reliable safety and compliance as employees can potentially be exposed to hazardous substances and environments. Our software allows you to maintain control of any risks and increase productivity by doing so. Meet the compliance demands of EHS legislations, maintain incident management, conclude risk assessments to ensure the safety of your employees and much more.


The engineering industry encounters numerous obstacles within EHS compliance, for example; ensuring industry specifications are implemented, the general safety of employees, quality of the working environment etc. Sims software ensures multi-site organisations the opportunity to manage their health and safety in a swift manner by administering resources using our diverse application on a tablet/mobile. Any collected data may then be managed accordingly. This could be for; close calls, injuries occurred etc. Our software allows the reporting of incidents to be reliable from start to finish, enabling you to be time efficient in your efforts to deal with health and safety within your business.