Sims is an application containing software that is cultivating EHS safety and procedures within many working environments. We specialise in offering solutions which directly address an array of components in an efficient operating EHS application. Offering a user-friendly, sufficient means of implementing an EHS management structure, easily accessible through your tablet or mobile. Allowing you to be time efficient and reliable when conducting or reporting on the inspection of incidents/hazards. Our application ‘Sims’ ensures every staff member under your employment can directly engage with health and safety regulations. Making the overall reporting procedure as simplistic as capturing a video/picture.

The Sims Mobile App

  • Have the capability of recording incidents or hazards that occur through our user-friendly, intuitive app.
  • Have the luxury of being able to capture with convenience from your mobile or tablet.
  • Be able to record incidents/hazards offline.
  • Data automatically synchronises when you’re online.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Office 365 applications. Allowing you to download check-lists to your mobile/tablet to carry out on site.
  • Conduct inspections within your working environment irrespective of the location.
  • Easily document and notify management with immediate effect.
  • Provide every employee with a license of the application, ensuring that your business is more time efficient and reliable when inspecting and reporting on health and safety issues.